Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twenty Three

Written on this day, exactly a year ago...

Travel the world
Eat too much gelato
Spend your last euros on wine
Watch the sunset everyday
Don't have enough money for the bus
Walk everywhere
Get lost, get found, get going
Even if you like it too much
Sit up front
Cancel flights
Fall in love
Say too much
Laugh and cry and laugh again
Run down the street
Go down the slide
Look up often
Take the ride
Buy the whole box
Eat it all at once
Listen to the same song
It's okay to be wrong
Don't be afraid to ask questions
Keep your eye on the horizon
Stay awake
Chase a dream
Tell your family you love them
Play in the rain
Make stupid faces
Be happy for others
Find undiscovered places
It's okay 
Think about it 
It's all inside of you
To be continued...