Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stop and wonder

I wonder who I’d be, who’d you be if we were stripped of societal embedments. Over stimulated, over medicated, under educated about all the right things. They steal your soul and sell it back to you as art. When everyday should be living breathing art. Humans have the magical capability to make each day count, each day special, different, learn, try again but instead were blinded and misguided. Malnourished from birth, were fed the wrong things. We worry about money, control, status, power and when you die what does it matter. Our brains are so vast to explore but they’ve got us mesmerized with paper, shiny things, being “accomplished”, happy meals and facebook. You think your free but you dont even realize youve already inlisted as an internet zombie.

Wake up wake up wake up.

Go outside

get lost

lose yourself

do things that make you afraid

This isn’t a case of Us. vs Them

It’s Us. vs. Ourselves

Realizing these things and being the change


  1. I fucking love this. I'm about to go shop for a beach barbie party (going as hipster barbie, complete with a spray painted "fuck pink" pink shirt). No worries, just music and sex and car rides. Maybe some wine.

    1. I'm happy some one gets it haha and that sounds amazing xx

    2. I've shown this post to a bunch of people and they all love it, btw. You have a way with words.

  2. There are two types of people in the world - those that worry about what they will do after retirement and those that worry that they have to wait to retirement to do and create all the things they wish and that there will surely not be enough time to do it all. My currency is time. I am keenly aware of the fleeting aspect of time and a life and feel, probably to a fault, a sense of ever present urgency. Even in an ugly world there is beauty everywhere if you look and it is our oblgation to reflect it and celebrate what has been granted us. Time. Use your currency wisely - Do not hoard it or squander it, be generous and most of all share it.
    Thank you for posting that inspiring piece.