Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bad Reputation

City girls dream big. Were a vicarious bunch hell bent on world domination. And how can you blame us, being natives to the center of the universe can leave you buzzed on the eternal hum of the city that never sleeps. This place is a constant mediation on glamour and grit, the illusions that lure us like moths to the flame. We’ve walked these streets an endless mile of memories in my mind and they continue to unfold as the years pass by. This is a new year with new adventures in New York City. With my best friend at my side, we’ve got an arsenal of attitude and exciting changes coming up.


  1. I just followed you, thanks for your comment!
    Your question is answered at my new post :)

    I like your blog, it's unique :) stay in tough, yeah? have a lovely week!


  2. You girls are gorgeous! When I get the cash my plan is to head to NYC..don't see it happening any time soon though ugh. xo

    1. Thank you <3 Make it happen, it's so much more possible then you realize.